Step by Step Guide to Earn Huge Money With NeoBux

Step by Step Guide to Earn Huge Money With NeoBux
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1. First you should sign up to join NeoBux.
2. Ads clicking jobsThen start to Click Ads every day. you need to log in and click every ad every day.
3. Do this for around 30 days still managing

.and communicating with these sites and their members to filter out the bad and un-trust worthy sites. This is where you will need to be patient; however this is well worth waiting for. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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4. After 30 days you will have on average $1.2 in each account. This does not sound like much does it? However when you add all your accounts together…. If you have an account on around 20 sites you will  have made $24 this month.
5. Now remember you have still invested none of your own money and have been in the comfort of your own home just clicking a few ads a day. By now you will have a good idea on the sites you trust and enjoy using and the sites you don’t.
6. Each site will generally have a minimum $1 to $2 payout. So for the next 30 days you keep clicking and really start to filter out the bad sites. This is where most people flake out or give up but stick with it you won’t regret it. You will need to do this because the next step is to invest the money you have made into one site. This next step will be either make or break all the time and effort you have put into this so far.
Click Here to Register  7. You have now been clicking for 2 months and will have made on average $48 from all of your accounts  and will have met the minimum payment threshold. You will now need withdraw all of your money from each of your accounts into your Paypal/Alertpay account. Once you have done this you can now pick your most trusted site to invest this money into to really kick start your money making system. For this I would strongly recommend using the site I have had the most success with.
8. With the money you have put into this one account (NeoBux) you can begin to rent referrals. A referral is someone else on the same site as you. The benefit to renting these is each time they click you get paid.

For example… If you have a standard account on this site which at this point you will and you rent 100 referrals each time any of them click you make money. For every click any of your referrals make you will get paid $0.005. You will be able to rent referrals for 30 days at a time. If each of your referrals clicks 4 times a day (which is the minimum standard) you will make $0.02 per referral daily. 100 referrals X $0.02 = $2.00 A day X 30 Days = $60.00 A month.

9. You should now have deposited your $48 into you neobux rental balance. With this money you can now rent a 100 referral package.
10. Rent Referrals here you will be able to select the package you want to rent. You will now need to rent 100 referrals which will cost you around $20.
11. This will leave you $28 in your rental balance of which you will want to leave there. You might need to  recycle referrals and you will need this in your balance to do this. Don’t worry we will cover this very soon.You will be able to rent a new referral pack every 14 days. 
 12. Now you have 100 referrals you will now need to manage these to ensure they are all making you money. After having the 100 referrals you have just rented for 14 days you will need to rent 100 more.
13. The 100 referrals originally rented should have made you around $28 in 14 days. After renting your next pack of 100 referrals your rental balance should be around $32.

200 referrals X $0.02 = $4 per day X 30 Days = $120

 Every 14 day you will now be able to extend your good referrals ditch the bad ones and off the profit rent  more. Doing this your balance and referral list will keep growing.
14. Now you have referrals you now need to know how to manage these referrals effectively to ensure they are all making you money.
15.  Tools For Renting Referrals
Lock Filters – These will lock any referral you have so when they expire after the 30 days you have rented them for you do not lose them.
Auto pay – This tool will extend all of your referrals for as long as they are active and clicking. For every day they are active and clicking on the site $0.01 of the clicks that should be deposited to you daily will be held back as a 1 day extra payment. This means you keep them for longer without having to pay for them out of your rental balance. 
Auto Renew – This will renew your referrals automatically so you don’t have to keep an eye on them.
Recycling – This will recycle any referral you have and exchange them for another one. This can be used when you have a referral who is not clicking. This may be because they have gone on holiday or have stopped using the site.
Flag Filter- you can mark specific referrals with coloured flags to keep an eye on them so you can easily spot any referral you are looking for.  
16. Now that you have at least 140 referrals and are managing them well, it’s time to upgrade your account.
Off of the profits you have made from your referrals you will be able to grow your balance to an amount where you will be able to upgrade your account. This will cost around $85 dollars which as you will have seen by now this figure is easily made.
17. Upgrading your account is a MUST DO. The benefit for this is simple; you will make twice as much per referral. Instead of making $0.005 per referral click you will now make $0.01. You will also be able to rent referrals every 7 days instead of every 14. This means instead of making $28 every 14 days off of 100 referrals you will now make $56. Being able to rent every 7 days this means in 4 weeks you will be able to rent 400 referrals.

$56 X 4 = $224.

18. Off of your profits you will now be able to keep renting and ex tending your referrals and before you know it you will be making thousands. This is when you will see your account balance explode.